Lebanese cuisine has some of the most delicious plates on the planet. If you’re a fan of Lebanese food then you’ve definitely got to stop by Za’rour.

Za’rour is the latest addition to Lebanese restaurants. Whether you’re going for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just some dessert, you’ll find a wonderful variety of original Lebanese street food with supreme quality that will keep you going back for more and more.

They also added their own twist to the regular man’oucheh and included a few signature items on the menu that you won’t find anywhere else including Lebanese Chicken Tacos, Batata with Marshmallows, and a Lebanese Ka3k Sandwich. There’s also a separate breakfast menu with tons of options to choose from. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect:

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Za’rour’s opening was in August 2016 and the food was absolutely delicious.



So whenever you’re missing a taste of Lebanon, make sure to pass by Za’rour and fill your bellies up on the original Lebanese taste.

For reservations: 026902001

Location: 99 Merghani St, Heliopolis. Misr Al-Gedeeda

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