The two talents who share an awesome friendship turned down to put the social media on fire for their videos which reveal a new campaign to OLX.

We were surprised by a video for Amir Eid talking about influencers and Zap Tharwat who he needs to buy “ Rap for dummies” CDs that he has some and will offer them on OLX for 12 L.E to help him progress more in his career as a rapper. Amir also added a caption that he can tell Zap in his face and there’s no shame for that.


مش عارف الناس ليه مالهاش أمان اليومين دول… ده فيديو اتصورلي وانا سايق كافي خيري شري. حبيت اكون اول واحد ينشره على النت عشان ما يتقالش ان أمير عيد بيتكلم عن زاب من ورا ضهره. آه انا قلت ان
زاب بيفتي. وعادي اقوله كده في وشه.

Posted by Amir Eid on Sunday, 8 January 2017

Zap responded with a rap video telling Amir that he turns now to express his own mind too like he did!! Adding a message to Amir that it was better to tell him straight in his face instead of talking to that anonymous guy, as managing his own business because he doesn’t understand a thing about rap, as well to making him feel guilty remembering the songs he has written for him along this year and finally that he doesn’t need his CDs from OLX by burning a CD in the microwave.


#اشتري_مني انت بقى يا أمير الكلمتين دول. هاه. اصطبحنا !!

Posted by Zap Tharwat on Monday, 9 January 2017

We don’t know where the flow is going will people support Zap or Amir?