You should know that sometimes it’s better to let go of a rope that’s hurting you rather than hang on to it. For when you’re bewildered and overwhelmed, this will help you get through your moments of uncertainty. Just know your worth and never settle.

1. He doesn’t support you

You can’t let yourself be a victim of a non-supportive partner. If he underestimates you and doesn’t respect your own decisions, then he’s not the one for you. Support comes in all shapes and forms, therefore he should encourage you to be the best version of yourself there is.

2. He isn’t willing to listen to your problems

I refrained from wording it as ‘useless girl drama’. Us girls tend to indulge in too many altercations that are extremely unhealthy and worthless. As a result, we would find ourselves running to the people we love for advice and honey if he’s not there for you in your times of need, he’s a mismatch indeed.

3.You don’t trust him

Trust, in my opinion, is one of the main pillars of a successful relationship. If you lack it, then your relationship has no foundation and common ground. You’ll eventually find yourself snooping around; whether it be looking through his phone or scavenging through his stuff, know that it’s over. End it right then and there, because once you lose trust, you can’t get it back.

4. He’s jealous of your success

Only an insecure man wouldn’t like seeing his wife excel in everything, from her career advancement to building her personality. Who would want to live the rest of their lives while being pulled down by a consistent anchor? You should be with someone who lifts you up and helps you move forward in life.

5. You hold back

One of the major red flags in any relationship is holding back your thoughts, feelings and suppressing your emotions. If you two are comfortable enough with each other, you would spill everything on the table so that both parties have an idea of how the other is feeling. This stems from having good communication, which is crucial in any relationship.

6. Unobservant

It’s no secret that girls LOVE attention, we seek attention, therefore, we must have it. There is nothing worse than feeling neglected by your other half. When he acts all negligent and is just unobservant to how you’re feeling, then he doesn’t care about you. If he knows that you’re upset and does nothing about it, he is purposefully turning a blind eye.

7. Makes no time for you

If he’s always busy, makes zero effort to see you and ignores you all day, then you are in trouble. If you’re not a priority in your partner’s life then watch the rest of the relationship as it crumbles into nothingness. On the other hand, if he is actually busy then that’s another story, you should be considerate.

8. Disagree to agree

You. Just. Can’t. Agree. On ANYTHING. It’s simply how your brains are wired, which is ‘oppositely’. You can’t be a match made in heaven when all your fights are about who you both are as a person. If you can’t respect each other’s opinions and have totally different views on everything, then it’s just not meant to be.

9. Shying away

A good boyfriend will show you off to the world, he wouldn’t shy away from introducing you to a friend or a family member. If he is ashamed to be around you or be seen with you then it’s definitely no bueno.

10. Fun tasks are mundane

A healthy relationship would include doing mundane tasks, but having them be fun due to who you’re with. For example; you can go out to study, it’s a boring task but him being there makes it better. If you two are comfortable enough to sit together in silence, then this is the perfect relationship. If you two cannot go out alone, then this is a HUGE red flag indicating that this relationship should be terminated.