There are three types of gymnastics which are the most known: artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, and trampoline. Artistic gymnastics is the most commonly known. Men and women both compete on equipment like the uneven bars, parallel bars, and rings.

Rhythmic gymnastics is probably the second best known. Gymnasts all compete on the same floor mat, but they use ribbons, ropes, hoops and other equipment as part of their routines.

Trampoline gymnasts perform routines on a trampoline, completing flips on every single bounce.

Here are the news, lately Wadi Degla’s 2008 girls team group B won the 1st place at the Egyptian Gymnastics Championship in rope and hoop, under the supervision of Technical Team of Rhythmic Gymnastics:

Head Coach: Howaida Salam

Trainer: Wafaa Hassan

Trainer: Menna Hassan

Ballet Trainer: Mahmoud

The young champions who we can’t wait to see them at the Olympics are:

Judy Yasser, Batol Khaled, Jouriya Tamer, Sarah Ahmed, Jessica Meachal

Watch the young champions’ videos while they are reaching their target to win the 1st place in Rope and Hoop.