The Egyptian Handball team despite their loss against Croatia in the second round, yet we will always remember the best players who played in the tournament here are the main 5 players in the WorldCup 2017.

1- Ahmed El-Ahmar

One of the most famous Egyptian athletes in the 21st century.

The only player in history to win 3 different titles in 3 different continents; He won the African Cup with Zamalek (Egypt) in 2015, also the Asian Champion’s League with Al-Jaish team (Qatar) in 2013, and finally won the German Cup with Flensburg on 10 May 2015.

Ahmed currently plays for Zamalek SC and Egyptian national team, his father Mostafa El-Ahmar, is a well-known handball player in Zamalek club and Egyptian handball team as well.

El-Ahmar started his passion into sports at the age of 7 years, he played in the beginning with a team that was four years older than him.

He has many Individual achievements, to mention a few, such as:

Best right back in the African nations cup (Egypt 2004)
Best right back, best player and top scorer in the African nations cup (Angola 2008)
Best right back, best player and top scorer in the African nations cup (Egypt 2004)
Top scorer in the Super Globe (2010)
Best right back, best player and top scorer in the African nations cup (Egypt 2016)

2- Yehia El-Deraa

The 21 years old handball player who is playing now for Heliopolis SC and Egyptian national team and expected to be playing for the national team for the upcoming years, has participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics with the Egyptian squad, as well as taking the 14th place in the last WorldCup that was held in Qatar 2015.

Yehia achieved the 2nd place in the Egyptian Cup 2013/2014 with his current team, Heliopolis, and won the Egyptian cup 2014/2015, and took the 4th place in the confederations cup 2016 playing with Heliopolis SC which was considered as a historical achievement for the club.

After his enormous and phenomenal performance at the WorldCup, it’s expected for him to be receiving a lot of offers outside Egypt.

He also participated in juniors WorldCup in 2013, and youth WorldCup 2015.

3- Karim Al-Hendawy

The Egyptian national team’s goalkeeper who’s also famous for being called (Katonga).

He played in several editions in the WorldCup, the last one was the championship that was held in Qatar where they got the 14th place and the 9th place at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Hendawy started his Handball career at El Shams SC then was transferred to Al Ahly SC, Zamalek SC, went back again to Al-Ahly SC then, at last, rejoined Zamalek again in 2015

He was awarded the best goalkeeper in the 2009 world cup for youth (under 21) which was hosted in Egypt.

4- Eslam Hassan

Eslam who was born in 1988, currently plays for Al-Ahly SC and the Egyptian National Team, participated in the Youth WorldCup (2009) and took the fourth place which was hosted by Egypt, also he played in the 2015 Men’s WorldCup.

Eslam started his journey in Alexandria before moving to Al-Ahly then started playing abroad in Club Africain in Tunisia; played in the Super Globe with the Tunisian team then went back to Al-Ahly.

5- Mohamed Sanad

Sanad was born in 1991, currently playing for Balonmano Naturhouse La Rioja (Spain) and the Egyptian national team.

He used to play for Heliopolis SC and was loaned several times to the Zamalek SC before signing the contract, he was a member of the team who got the bronze medal in the Super Globe in 2010.

He played on several occasions for the national team as, the Juniors world cup twice 2007 and 2009 and the Youth world cup twice 2009, 2011 and secured the 4th place for Egypt in the Youth WorldCup on both occasions and the Olympics 2016, as well as playing in the final of the Egyptian Cup for two years in a row with Heliopolis SC.

He also played in Sport36 Komloi (Hungary) for the season 2015/2016, Then he was transferred to Balonmano Naturhouse La Rioja (Spain) this season and was selected in the team of the week in the EHF Champions League.