This one is for all you gym fanatics out there! If you have ever wondered if there were any good gyms nearby or want to join the best of the best, we’ve got you covered. We have combined the top ten gyms in Cairo to achieve your wanted body goals.

1. Ignite


Ignite offers challenging performance training programs that push you out of your comfort zone. The programs are designed to guarantee results which have been tested out by athletes worldwide.

Programs duration are 2 months divided into 40 sessions, 1 hour long each. Sessions start with a neuro prep warm-up and dynamic flexibility stretching for improved performance and injury prevention. Each session is limited to 10 athletes/session and overseen by 2 coaches ensuring a 1 on 1 attention and that participants receive required instructions to improve and maximize workout benefits. Each program includes customized sports nutrition plan for appropriate fuel and optimal performance, recovery, and body composition. At the start of each program participants are accessed for physical condition which is compared against their progress at the end accessing the overall impact of the program.

If you are looking to challenge yourself and to work hard for the results you’ve always wanted just sign-up to one of the programs and they’ll guide you through every step of the way.


  1. IGNITE Nozha
  2. Heliopolis IGNITE,
  3. The Lake House (Lake View)


Founder:Hussein Abd El Dayem

2. Be Fit


Egypt’s leading health and fitness entity, dedicated to offering premium fitness services to both professional athletes and the general public.

BEFIT is not restricted to delivering good workout sessions but wholly trans-formative experiences that change the style and structure of our clients’ day to day lives.

We have formulated our programs around the following aspects of physical fitness:

Agility, Speed, Fitness level, Endurance, Functional Training and Overall Strength and Conditioning.


  1. Katameya Heights Compound, 5th Settlement
  2. Club 7, Victory College, Maadi
  3. Palm Hills Club, 6th of October City


Founder:Aly Mazhar

3. Crossfit Stars


At Cross Fit Stars we provide a unique environment in which anyone – children and adults, athletes and non-athletes – can be comfortable while learning to build an active lifestyle.
The results can be fat loss, improved tone or muscle gain. Badly calloused hands are part of the deal, too. But maybe the most beneficial outcome is how it prepares you for life, whether it’s lifting a heavy bag of groceries or moving with agility on the tennis court and hitting a powerful forehand.


  1. Swan Lake Residential Compound,
  2. First Settlement New Cairo Cairo, Egypt
  3. Mountain View 1 New Cairo


Founder: Ramy Saleh

4. Crossfit Engine38


CrossFit Engine38 is a CrossFit affiliate located at Allegria, Tempo Clubhouse. We are a team that works to help you reach your physical and mental goals. Our community of athletes bring the energy, the positivity, and the support that make Engine38 what it is! We believe that a community based environment makes every workout fun, and inspiring.

CrossFit Engine38 follows the CrossFit prescription, which is “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.” Functional Movements are natural movements essential to our everyday life. CrossFit prepares you for a better quality of life using this methodology.


Allegria-Tempo Clubhouse, Sheikh Zayed, 6 October City


Founders: Kareem Yasser, Ahmed Abaza, Dalia Badrawi, Mourad Gaber, Mahmoud El Guindi


5. Samia Allouba – Forever Fit Institute


At Samia Allouba’s Gym, Dance and Fitness Centers, your dreams will come true. You will always find yourself welcomed by a friendly and attentive staff.

You will find a variety of classes and programs tailored to your needs – whether you want to start a fitness regiment or maintain an existing one; learn a new dance step or take up TaeKwonDo – whether you’re a child or an adult, you will surely find something to get you moving!


Inside Green Heights Village (Behind Mall Of Arabia) 8th Touristic Zone, El Motamayez District, 6th of October City


Founder: Samia Allouba



6. Gold’s Gym


Gold’s Gym has been the authority on fitness since 1965. It was then that fitness legend Joe Gold took the knowledge and expertise he gained from training at the world famous “Muscle Beach” and opened up the first Gold’s Gym on Pacific Avenue in Venice, California.
Opened long before the modern day health club existed, the original Gold’s Gym featured homemade equipment and an unrivaled dedication to getting results. It was an instant hit. Early fitness enthusiasts flocked to the gym, and in 1977, Gold’s Gym received international attention from “Pumping Iron” – a bodybuilding documentary starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.
With its storied reputation of being THE place to go for the latest training techniques, and its legendary history of producing bodybuilding champions, Gold’s Gym Venice became known as “The Mecca Of Bodybuilding.” Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes soon followed and by 1980, Gold’s Gym began expanding to locations around the globe.
Today Gold’s Gym is the most recognized name in fitness serving more than 3 million members in 38 states and 22 countries around the world. Always at the forefront of the fitness revolution, Gold’s Gym has continually evolved its profile by equipping gyms with the best amenities and the latest in cardio and strength training equipment as well as the most dynamic group exercise programs including Zumba, yoga, group cycling, mixed martial arts, muscle endurance training, and Pilates. At Gold’s Gym, you’ll find an energetic, supportive environment full of all kinds of people who are committed to achieving their goals.


  1. Elite
    New Cairo City (Fifth District) Ring Road, Cairo
  2. Heliopolis
    18, 20 Salah El-Den St, Cairo
  3. Hurghada
    North Hadaba, Hurghada
  4. Lagoon Alexandria
    Alexandria International Garden Lagoon, Alexandria
  5. Maadi
    1 El-Mahata Square Maadi Palace Building, Cairo
  6. Mohandseen
    18 Dimashq St from Syria, Giza
  7. Nile
    121, El-Nile Street, Giza
  8. October City
    26th July Corridor, 6th of October City
  9. Zayed
    El Sheikh Zayed City-Global Sports


Founder: Joe Gold


7. Titans


The idea of Titans Gym and Wellness Center started during one of my routine workouts. I discovered that the average gym has only the necessities for a good workout. A place where you run in after work   for a quick workout to stay in shape. This was not what I was  looking for. I expected so much more from my gym. A place of sanctuary where I could go to forget about the stresses of the day and lose myself.
When I think about about a “gym” i think of an all inclusive facility that cares for an individual from the inside out.  Someplace you go to relax at the spa or have an invigorating workout or if you’re feeling distracted you can take your mind off of your worries by watching the latest action movies in a cinema work out room.


Cairo Festival City Mall


Founder:Raed El Safady

8. Fibers Club


Fibers Club offers its members a huge variety of health and fitness activities and services enabling them to achieve both mental & physical wellbeing.


  1. Maadi
  2. First Mall
  3. El Rehab


Founder:Mohamed Emad

9. Hers Gym


As Egypt’s premier women-only fitness facility, ‘Hers’ offers services and programs specifically designed for the unique fitness, wellness and beauty needs of women. Offering a full experience, ‘Hers’ is complete with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, relaxing sauna and Jacuzzi, Mani-pedi by Nail Fashion, and tailored work-out classes such as the extraordinary and globally renowned Les Mills.

Hers is simply the perfect place to achieve your personal fitness goals and to simultaneously unwind. Whether you want to lose a few pounds or simply get a massage, the comfortable environment and cozy surroundings will make you feel at home.


  1. New Cairo
  2. Heliopolis
  3. Zamalek


Founder:Samia Allouba

10.Crossfit Hitters


H.I.T – High Intensity Training- is a fitness-based entity that delivers various fitness programs that suit different fitness levels. All training sessions are thoroughly supervised by certified cross-fit trainers. We will train you in a way that will move your body the way it is meant to be moved. A healthy lifestyle is not a phase it’s a journey that will open many doors. We train hard because how we do anything is how we do everything.

Our Offers
•We focus on the 10 main pillars of fitness, which are cardio, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance. This leaves you better prepared for anything physical that life throws at you, including sport and recreation activities.
•We provide an environment that will motivate and push you towards your goals.
•We train in groups therefore united we stand.
•Our staff is experienced and qualified to provide you with an effective program that will lead to your target in a safe way.
•We are committed to meet your expectations and surpass them as long as you show up

Location: Heliopolis Club, Cairo


Founders: Sherif Nassar and Abdelrahman Alaa