If you’re an Egyptian and you don’t have these people on your Snapchat, then you’re doing it wrong. This is a compilation of the funniest, most adventurous people in Egypt and you can’t miss out on the fun!

1. Sherif Fayed (sherif-fayed)


Sherif Fayed, 24, started out as an Egyptian – American viner. Now he tours the world through his snapchat and attends multiple events through which he meets a ton of celebrities all captured over on his snapchat.

2. Sara Sabry (sarasabry)


Sara Sabry was born and raised in Canada, currently attending the American University in Cairo. Sara takes us through her humble journey in life and we get a glimpse of her relationships with her family. She is hilarious and does skits on her snapchat as she is a viner.

3. Wael Mansour (waelmansour0)


Egyptian actor, singer and a TV show host. Wael Mansour had multiple appearances in multiple shows including appearing on Bassem Youssef’s “El Barnameg” and hosting “The X Factor”. He is the funniest of the bunch, watching his snapchat stories will let you know what and where to eat while enjoying his outings.

4. Laila youssef (lailayoussef1)


A fashion stylist that will make you live a live diary of a fashion stylist with her unique taste second by second, from photoshoots to styling sessions.

5. Youssef El Dwairi (yusufdwairi)


When it comes to GOALS Yusuf Dwairi is the full package, a turkish jordanian mix that will give you a hand to hand healthy life guide, living the gym life and blending it with healthy recipes.

6. Amr Younis (amrunis)


Amr Younis is the geek of featuring the story of MO3ANAT EL MOGHTAREB EL MASRY in Dubai by super funny snaps.

7. Marwan Younis (marvunis)


If you don’t have Marwan on your snapchat you are totally missing out, as he is Amr Younis’ twin. What you don’t know that they got it from their mama, the three of them make videos MFR23AA!!

8. Mahmoud Kamal (mmkamal)


A super traveler, travelling almost 360 days a year giving you a full travel guide including tips and tricks all trip-long. He tours the world and shares a lot about his personal experience.

9. Mohamed Mekawy (mohamedmekawy)

Mekawy is another viner who skyrocketed his career by doing skits. He has been on “El Mohayesoun” which airs on El Kahera Wel Nass, taking us through his traveling and exploring journey in addition to being super funny which is always a plus.

10. Nourhanne Eissa (nourhanne.eissa)

Nourhanne started out as a fashion blogger on instagram, gained a lot of followers, then her career took place from there. Nourhanne became one of the most followed bloggers in Egypt and she is definitely the ultimate fashionista. She documents her glamorous, adventurous life on snapchat along with her ever-growing success.