The secret’s out… We have decided to spill the beans on everything we think/do and wish to conceal. Have no shame, no one will ever admit to doing these things. So if you do, pat yourself on the back, I admire your honesty.

  1. Stalking

It’s hilarious when I first encounter people and they think I know nothing about them, while in reality, I know their deepest darkest secrets. I definitely don’t mean to be creepy, but curiosity gets the best of us and it’s harmless (as long as you don’t accidentally like their picture from 7 years ago)

  1. PJs sets

Who actually wears full-on PJ sets? I applaud you, you’re my hero. We all secretly wear last year’s sweater on sweatpants and we’re good to go. If you actually put in the effort to find matching tops and bottoms, enta keda leeh?

  1. Non-matching socks

Aside from this being completely true, heya dih moshkela lazem nela2elha hal 3amattan. There’s this magic portal that socks mysteriously disappear into, an extension to Bermuda’s Triangle fel ghasala? Maybe.. This especially applies in the morning when you’re late for school or college and you pick out a pair with pandas on them and the other is actually your dad’s (based on a true story, I’m not proud).

  1. Saying a girl is not pretty

Definition of nafsana, “Helwa el bent dih ya Ebtesam?” “La2 khales yabni enta msh shayef bo2aha kebeer ezzay?” While in reality, she’s Kylie Jenner. A girl will always pick out on the little imperfections in other astoundingly pretty girls and in all honesty, I don’t know why they do that! The mystery will remain unsolved.

  1. Peeing in the shower

Yes, you’ve read that right. Let’s imagine the situation here; it’s Winter time and you’ve hopped into the scorching hot shower, you’re then met with the sudden urge to pee and over your dead body would you get out to do so. You then know how the situation unfolds… Just give your family a heads up before you do so, haram 3aleko keda bgd.

  1. Saying you’re over your ex

Where you hopeless romantics at? It’s been years and years w lessa Ahmed beyheb Mona w msh 3ayez ye3teref l ay had. Mona etgawezet w hamel fl 20 w ya haram he still has high hopes for a relationship. Who on earth would admit to still loving an ex after they’ve fully moved on? NO ONE.

  1. Wearing your pajamas to college

I know tons of people who are guilty of this one, myself included. Winter mornings can be brutally cold and I WILL NOT take off my warmed up PJs to go to college. The trick here my friends is to wear a huge puffy jacket over your PJs, a scarf and you’re good to go! This will make your mornings 100 time easier, so you can thank me later.

  1. Having crushes while in a relationship

90% of Egyptian girls have a crush on Burak Özçivit from Kara Sevda and 50% of them are in a relationship. Another example is poor Kinda Alloush and her husband Amr Youssef, girls can be extremely vicious when their celebrity crush ties the knot. Seebo el nass tefrah ba2a kefaya hekd.

  1. Listening to mahraganat

This one isn’t a huge secret, but girls will most probably be like “ew mahraganat eh ana mabasma3sh gher aghani English” but don’t be fooled. You have to wait for a party or a wedding to see her break dance to fartaka fartaka 3al tabla w 3al saksaka while singing it at the top of her lungs.

  1. Secretly judging other girls

What she says: “ana open minded, kol wahed ye3mel el howa 3ayzo”. What she does: sends a paragraph insulting her and her decisions on her girlfriends’ group chat. Beware of girls group conversations; they contain detailed files with pictures of EVERYONE.