We went to Sushi Boat to attempt their heavenly yummy sushi and got you the critiques about it with a little chit chat around the sushi cart in Cairo, answering all the questions that had ever bumped into your head.

The Crunchy Amazing Roll had too much rice which was based on a demand to make the fried pieces bigger in size, on the other hand, the Philadelphia Roll which is the most famous and basic of rolls and it was done beautifully, light and fresh all the way, we also tried the Crispy Shrimp Roll that was great and the spicy sauce added a lot to the flavor profile, as well as the Healthy Roll “Spicy Crap Roll” and it was the highest in the flavor profile. It had a nice kick to it that turn mellow and cool as you chew through.

The surprise was the Shrimp Onion Roll as It had a slightly sweet aftertaste that left us very satisfied, and the star of the day was their New Creation Roll (still unnamed) but it consisted of Salmon wrapped around rice that is stuffed with smoked cheese and accompanied with a Sauce that has a Smoked Cream Cheese Base.

Sushi boat offer in addition to sesame seeds and Soy Sauce, three different sauces (Mayo, Teriyaki, and Spicy) Also they offer Wasabi and by far THE BEST PICKLED GINGER IN TOWN.

  1. What distinguishes your sushi?

Our sushi is special because of many reasons, the first is that it is fresh right from our central kitchen directly to the cart.

Second is the speed of the service, as we have all the item on display already in the cart, this makes it less demanding to the client to get their request quickly dissimilar to other sushi restaurants that may take up to 30-45 mins to get your request.

Third reason is our prices as they are exceptionally sensible. A piece cost somewhere around 8 and 8.5 EGP relying upon what number of pieces you are requesting. The greater part of this makes it an immense potential for the general population who haven’t attempted sushi some time recently, to have another experience that is basic, brief, delectable and in a hurry.

2. Sushi cart looks weird in Cairo streets, so why did you choose it?

Yes, in fact it is weird to have a sushi cart in the road, however, it is additionally something worth being thankful for as we see that we are satisfying a requirement for the sushi culture to grow more into the street and far from the traditional (going and sitting in a restaurant) so as opposed to waiting, hold and manage movement at the eateries we give you a quicker and easier choice.

3. What inspired you to start?

I believe the concept of food carts in Egypt is developing rapidly. Because after the effects of the urgent financial and economic situation, people would preferably eat in a shabby truck then go and sit in a restaurant and pay assessments and administration charge particularly in sushi restaurants in which these charges can be tremendous. People now are pulled into new thoughts that are not tedious and offer a decent quality item that can rival its partners. Additionally, it has a friendlier buzz to it as you simply stroll in, get your sustenance and settle down anyplace in the road and make the most of our sushi with no limitations or customs.

4. How do you see the future of food carts in Cairo?

We attempt to build up the business by employing individuals in which we prepare them in the specialty of sushi making and approaches to offer the item. By that, we can grow and make another cart that we can put in various regions. We have this branch in Sheraton (before Radisson Blu Hotel) and we opened another truck in Merghany and soon we will be in Tagamo3. Along these lines, we attempt to extend our administrations by procuring more individuals, growing our focal kitchen and make new branches.

7. How do you develop your business?

Ordinarily, we open from 2pm-8pm yet once in a while we increment or abatement the time interim per the request. Now and again we want to build the ideal opportunity for clients who finish their work late at night to have an opportunity to come and make the most of our nourishment. These progressions we report them earlier on our page.

6. What other services do you provide?

We deliver in Sheraton area and awaiting the hiring of more delivery pilots so we can soon start delivering in Nasr City. We deliver for small fees depending on how far the delivery order is but it does not exceed 10 EGP. We try to keep it simple and cheap so we can introduce ourselves to the most number of people possible and make sushi more appealing to them. Yet we see that people prefer to come to our place once they have tried our sushi as they like the product and even the cost of the product after delivery makes it viable for the customers to try it again and again and again.

You can find Sushi Boat At Sheraton in front of Radisson Blu Hotel, for delivery contact them on 01229320068, and don’t forget to take a look at their Facebook and Instagram pages to keep on tracking their new sushi creations.