Pizza is one of the most popular and iconic dishes out there. Whether you prefer thin crust, thick crust,  coal charred, or wood charred; at the end we can all agree that simply EVERYONE loves pizza. Pizza places are available almost around every corner with all the different varieties and toppings. But if you’re looking for a taste of traditional New York Italian Pizza, then look no further. Pizza Station is the place to go!

Pizza Station literally transports you to New York City and gives you the chance to experience what it feels like to eat an authentic traditional New York style pie baked to perfection in a stone-brick oven. They offer the freshest quality, the finest crusts, and any type of topping you crave or imagine, starting from the basics like pastrami and sausages till pineapples and even figs.


Pizza Station opened their first pizza place back in 2001 in Agami, Alexandria, giving them 15 years of experience so they know exactly how to make the ideal pizza that’ll leave you crying with happiness.  Now they have successfully opened a total of 4 pizza stations in Alexandria, 3 in Smouha and 1 in Louran.

But traditional pizza is not all what they serve. They’ve recently introduced a new twist to their menu and they call it the “Pizza Burger”. Yes, it’s exactly the image that popped into your head! This recent creation is half pizza – half burger and its unbelievably mouthwatering so DO NOT miss the chance to feast on this marvelous creation.

The Pizza Burger

Next time you crave a pizza, pick up the phone and call no other than Pizza Station and treat yourself to one of the most delicious pizzas you’ll ever taste.