Stop whatever you’re doing and focus here, since Nutella actually is your best friend and it’s the only thing that shares your best and worst moments.

Nutopia literally chocolize everything that gives a heavenly taste what makes your taste buds melt, don’t think much because Nutopia has it all from the Nutella jars till whatever your mind can believe.

Take a glimpse of some of Nutopia’s deserts.

  • Chocolate Shawerma

Nutopia took shawerma to a whole new level, chocolate shawerma is all about Nutella topped with whatever you crave (m&ms, banana, oreo,….etc), it’s definitely a new sweet experience.

  • Waffle Sticks

If you’re in a hurry but still craving a dripping Nutella waffle, we guarantee that the waffle stick is the best choice you could have.

  • Pancakes

The mouth-watering 4 layers of happiness topped with maple syrup or Nutella, it’s definitely a good idea for a perfect breakfast.

  • Nutella Magic Jar

This is the actual mood elevator, a jar filled with Nutella cake covered with Nutella cream cheese, whipped cream, chocolate chips and Nutella chocolate, what in life can be better than that!!

  • Molten Cake

If we said that this is the star of all deserts in the world, yet this is not enough because it’s the juiciest thing you’ll ever taste, you will not resist the lure of melting Nutella chocolate as the ice cream scoop merge with it.