Monkey Bars celebrated their second year anniversary in another successful Jungle Games event where the day was full of challenges.

Starting from warming up, first three challenges, quarter-finals, semi-finals, all the way till the finals the audience were cheering and supporting the teams competing, who did a great job under the supervision of Monkey Bars judges.

The day started at 8:30 AM by team login and registration, then the first three challenges – team relay, team grind, capture the cone – were done by all teams when only 24 out of 46 teams did it to the quarter-finals challenge – push and pull – and the semi-finals had 12 teams competing in the fifth challenge – triple trouble – to reach the finals where the top 6 teams took the grand final challenge ending by the win of Ashmawy team who sweat it out perfectly till the end.

We just can’t wait for the next year’s Jungle Games event!