If you’re asking who is Zein the hero, we got you the answer.

Zein Youssef is a real hero fighting cancer since he was 3 years old, it was and still an immense fight for him and his family who are his incredible inspirations and continually brightening him up with their prayers, Zein’s parents made a Facebook page by his name to demonstrate their pride that they have a hero who fighting is the worst types of cancer -stem cells- this type of cancer is very rare and is detected in the chest, abdomen, bone and marrow.

Although the age of Zein he began a journey of difficult treatment of chemotherapy and operations and treatment of radiation and clinical trials and after the conclusion of the initial stage of treatment attacked cancer brain after two months but now Zein is still fighting cancer.

Despite his battle, this young hero is living a normal lifestyle, he goes to school daily, study normally and even he is a great Taekwondo player with a black belt.

This month Zein is 10 years old and still in his journey beating cancer, people can’t imagine how painful radiation therapy is, his parents have great hopes and never felt hopeless that’s why they made this TV AD to show him that he is not alone, he is too young for this pain but that’s why he is a great hero.