2016 was memorable to some, was absolutely terrible to others. In the end, we could all say that this year was jam-packed with crucial events. From Trump being president, to a silly meme that went viral, it’s agreed upon that the internet is almighty. Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

1.The US Presidential Elections

In 2016, America’s history was remade with the astounding Trump victory, an event that shook the whole world. Ma3lesh.

2. Mannequin Challenge

This is by far the most creative, fun to watch challenge of all time. Everyone and their mother were making these videos – even Destiny’s Child made one – to the point that I memorized the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd without even listening to it once.

3. Carpool Karaoke

The idea of a genius – James Corden – this became a fast-growing trend first started on his show, The Late Late Show with James Corden. The one he made with Adele has over 141 Million views on YouTube. Akbar men 3adad sokan masr, didn’t think that was possible..

4. Pokemon Go

An app that was downloaded by millions, kona benenzel nemshi fel share3 to “catch’em all”, but in the end, the internet generation couldn’t keep up and decided the energy was not worth it so the fad quickly disappeared.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio’s first Oscar

Leo finally won his first well-deserved, long-awaited Oscar Award. The fans were ecstatic, especially one Egyptian reporter in particular who asked him a question that had us all in shame… “What abawet your ferst oskar?” El ragel etsadam, at least the memes can stop now.


My personal favorite! Pen Pineapple, Apple Pen. The PPAP man was literally everywhere and his catchy, meaningless song was being sung by everyone. A comedy genius with a viral video, yabakhtak ya 3am.

7. Bottle flip challenge

This drove everyone crazy, people spent hours trying to get this right. Mommy dakhalet 3alaya mara la2etni bal3ab b ezaza, da msh tabee3i ya gama3a.

8. Habeeb El Malayeen, Mohamed Karim

In addition to taking pictures with EVERY celebrity out there, from Kim Kardashian to Tamer Hosny, the star then started posting strange videos to his facebook profile that got us all to question life.“Hello … thank you.” Msh adra afham wla had hayfham ta2reeban.

9. Kamal Abo Raya and Fifi Abdo

A better love story than Twilight, Ashgan and Azmy’s love story is your ultimate relationship goals. Ta2er El Hob memes have flooded the internet lately and our timelines are blowing up with romance.

10. Damn, Daniel

The one that I truly can’t understand. Wahed beyzeet 3ala sahbo, why would this go viral? The guy went on Ellen. The internet disappoints sometimes, Damn Daniel.