The Jungle Games is getting closer are you ready yet to get your inner monkey out with Monkey Bars in a day full of fun mixed with some challenges ?!

We can see your curiosity shining, relax we got you the timeline of the Jungle Games.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you, so get focused to challenge your limits at The Jungle Games.

Challenge 1: Team Relay

Time cap: 5min

Each Team member will do:

30 m shuttle Sprint
10 Burpees to Box Jump overs (24/20inch)
30 m shuttle Sprint

Click here to see the demo video

Challenge 2: Team Grind

Time cap: 9 min
3 Rounds for time

P1: 20 Ground to Overhead (35/25lbs)
P2+P3: Plank
20m wheelbarrow (any 2 partners)

P2: 20 Overhead Lunges (35/25lbs)
P1+P3: Plank
20m wheelbarrow (any 2 partners)

P3: 20 American Kettlebell Swings (20/12lbs)
P1+P2: Plank
20m wheelbarrow (any 2 partners)

Click here to see the demo video

Challenge 3: Capture the Cone

10 min AMRAP
15 synchronized burpees
15 synchronized squats
15 synchronized situps
15m sprint to capture the cone (different athlete each round)

Click here to see the demo video

Meet the Monkey Bars coaches who will guide your training through the day and give you the best plan for success:

Ahmed Samir

He has dependably been active about sports and CrossFit. He’s been rowing for 1 year and truly got into Bodybuilding and wellness for around 4 years among different sports.

He then began CrossFitting in 2014 which upgraded his execution to contend in Elfit and CrossFit Opens.

John H. Abdel Sayed 

John began his games profession as a mentor and nutritionist at Gold’s gym elite since September 2013 and began cross fitting since 2014. He additionally has an extremely focused soul in self-improvement as well as in sports. He contended at ElFit in 2014, 2015, 2016 as a Masters competitor.

Cherry Sami

Cherry Sami a certified Paratrooper who have been energetic about sports since she was a child, also she had been facing various types of gathering wellness classes (Cardio, Toning, Aerobics, and Yoga) as it was dependably an untamed enthusiasm.

The Jungle Games is directed and produced by the 
Founder, Managing Director, and Head Coach of Monkey Bars Riham Masoud

She was Egypt’s fittest woman on CrossFit Open 2014 leaderboard.

She has additionally guaranteed the title “Fittest Woman in Egypt” in the wake of winning in front of the rest of the competition in Elfit Challenge that was held around the same year.

She has dependably been a fan of all the diverse sports activities that as of late occurred in Egypt, for example, GBI, Cairo Runners, Elfit, Crossfit.