When it comes to freshness, quality, and tastefulness, Fresh N Fresh is the place to go. They always manage to deliver the best products and an unforgettable experience.

They never fail to surprise us & they’ve done it once again. Fresh N Fresh brought live cooking pasta shows to the Alexandrian market and everyone was completely in love with show, deeply in love with the pasta and madly in love with the taste.

Zmag was hosting the first night of this live cooking delicious show, and here’s how it went as captured by the spectacular Pandamonium.


The pasta was live cooked with love

pic2fnfAnd delivered with perfection


Our guests were delighted by the yummy salad bar


Oh! Yeah, Ahmed Hatem was there


The guests enjoyed playing chef for the night


And no one could resist taking photos of those sexy pastas

pic7fnff pic7fnf

Also the fruits were a delight to everyone


And everyone went home, happy, full and FRESH!