Despite all circumstances and conflicts Egyptians always make fun and transform everything into sarcastic tweets and posts, we don’t really “ nendeb” a thing we just make fun of it and that’s was crystal clear in “ tagned el banat” subject.

This reminds us of Mai Ibrahim’s video last October when she shared with us her thoughts about what if girls joined the army?!


مَجيده فالحرب المجيده …

Posted by Mai ibrahim on Thursday, 6 October 2016

1-They didn’t think to make their own research just sarcastic tweets.

They take the part that they can make fun of  “ tagned el banat” in the army and what could happen if girls are in the army without thinking where’s the truth, we don’t give a shit about what’s the real situation we only care about the funny stuff.

2- The things are different.

“ Tagned el banat” is not what it seems to be like, it’s not that girls are going to army and participate in wars, it’s all about community service to shelters and “ma7w el omeya”
and this is for girls and boys who didn’t do their army services yet.

3-It’s OK with girls to share it and laugh.

The weirdest thing is that girls are sharing the guys’ tweets and comics about them and have no problem with that, it’s a prove for our dominating sense of humor as girls we are not “ nekadyen” as they said.

4-Despite they know the truth they’re still making comics.

After knowing that isn’t true did they stop? of course not they know the truth and still making fun of the idea that girls are going to army even if they’re not.