Hallelujah, Alexandrians, I’ve got the greatest news for you. Brew and Chew is reopening its Kafr-Abdo branch and all of our dreams are about to come true.

For those of you who may not know it (who are obviously cavemen) let me tell you why we are so excited.

  1. Food Menu


Whether it’s a Friday breakfast, or a Saturday dinner with the family, Brew and Chew is the place to go. It’s classy, plays good music and serves the scrumptious food.

  1. Catering Service


Worried about your big day and don’t want your dessert bar to just get the traditional Om Ali? No more worries, Brew and Chew got that covered. They don’t just cater, they care.

  1. Desserts


Let me be crystal clear about this, no one know desserts like those masters of desserts. Their chocolate bites is sinful, their crème brûlée is to die for, and their chocolate fondue makes you feel like you just died and went to heaven. Oh! And the best part about all of that, THEY DELIVER!

  1. Molten Cake


Lastly, their master piece and signature. At Brew and Chew, they turned molten cakes into art pieces, you can have pistachio, red velvet, or squeezy lime molten cake. And of course, you can have a traditional molten cake with melted chocolate oozing out from the center.

We were devastated, and a bit too desperate for chocolate when they closed that we went out and tried other dessert places, but no one and I mean, NO ONE does it quite like or even close to Brew and Chew. They’ve set the standards so high which pampered our taste buds, and we got used to this exquisiteness. They did really master the art of making desserts.

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