The biggest decision you have to make when you’re hungry is to find a place that has it all and here is it, Brew and Chew updated their menu to satisfy your cravings whether you want to have a tasty breakfast, a delicious lunch, or even pamper your sweet tooth.

  • Breakfast

Cheesy molten cake

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so let’s treat it like it is with those yummy courses.

smoked turkey pancake
sweet potato pancake
  • Lunch

Hulk burger

Nothing says “let’s eat” more than a Hulk Burger that has beef inside, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise and topped with a crispy chicken layer served in a bun that will make you lose control and just keep eating.

Spinach chicken pasta

However, if you are a pasta lover forget about all the pasta dishes you’ve eaten and just try this mouth-watering Spinach Chicken Pasta that is made by fresh spinach with chicken and tomato cherries.

  • Deserts

    chocolate lasagna

There are days when you’re craving the perfect molten cake or the best chocolate crepe roll you’ve ever had in your life, there are other days when you need to dive into a classic eclair. Here’s now a sneak peak of the mind-blowing signature new desserts in Brew and Chew.

  1. Croissant Peanut ButterIt’s all about croissant dough mixed with yummy peanut butter, dark chocolate and marshmallows, taking the croissant to a whole new level.
  2. Nutella LoversMeet your greatest satisfaction, a jar filled with layers of chewy chocolate cake topped with Nutella and a layer of crispy cookie donut that will definitely leave your sweet tooth satisfied.
    If you couldn’t imagine how all this looks like live, take a look at our video.


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Posted by ZMAG on Wednesday, 15 February 2017