A delegation of ambassadors from the Egypt was held at the German embassy in Zamalek on Sunday afternoon. The ceremony was attended by various ambassadors from Egypt. The delegation was led by Mahmoud Taher, Chairman of Ahli Club. , Kamel Zaher Treasurer of the Ahli Club, and General Sherine Shams Executive Manager.

The draw resulted as Egypt, Italy, Spain, France and Vietnam were the top picks, while the second gathering included Germany, Ukraine, India, and the United States. In the principal bunch came the Netherlands, Japan, and England.

The tournament, which will be hosted by Al Ahly on its stadiums at the Sheikh Zayed branch, will take place from May 5 to 19, 2017 with the participation of diplomatic corps and embassy staff. A team representing the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and another team representing the United Nations will participate.

H.E. the German ambassador hands the German’s team t-shirt to the Chairman of Al Ahly SC

In his speech, the German ambassador thanked the Egyptian government, represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sports System in Egypt in general, under the chairmanship of Eng. Khalid Abdul Aziz, Minister of Youth and Sports. He also thanked Mahmoud Tahir, Chairman of Al Ahli Club one of the success partners in this tournament, which reflects the interest of sports players in Egypt.

Embassies Football Tournament Press Conference

The German Ambassador explained that this tournament will merge the concept of what is known as sports diplomacy, to the participation of all Egyptian diplomatic and foreign bodies.

Embassies Football Tournament Press Conference

On the other hand, Mahmoud Taher, Chairman of the Board of Ahli Club, expressed his joy to host this event on the grounds of Ahli club Sheikh Zayed.

Taher thanked the Minister of Sports Khalid Abdul Aziz for his full support to all sports clubs and athletes in Egypt, as well as his special interest in the championship of the embassies.