We had a chit chat with the humble, extremely creative and super talented Ahmed Hatem, we went through everything about his work and personal life to his future plans.

Here is what he told us about it all.

At the first beginning when I got to choose a college, I chose “Media and Sciences” as it’s somehow related to the media, on the other hand, I started studying acting in private courses and workshops.

Aw2at Faragh was the beginning of my acting career, as I used to attend acting courses with “Dr. Mohamed Abdel Hady” and the Producer “Hussein El Kalla”, when “Mohamed Mostafa” the Director of Aw2at Faragh decided to start a new movie with unknown actors so, they attended the workshop and picked the cast.

After this movie, I simply became an actor, before that I spent a lot of time trying to be, it took me too long.

In Egypt, we are not used to the deep and creepy roles but actually these roles are the sort of roles I love the most, for example, “El Feel El Azra2” and my role in “El Haram El Rabe3”, they’re so deep and the character has a lot of dimensions.

My role in “El Haram El Rabe3” was the best as it had the dimensions and details I look for, I really worked hard on it, as I got involved in the scenario, production, even the cast and at the end, I appreciate how people loved the movie.

Even if these roles are far from my personality but by experience, I got to be the person that focuses on the smallest details and go through unusual details, I see this as a very important essential in my career that I don’t feel bad about it.

  • In “El Haram El Rabe3” there was a hard scene and a quick one what really I worked hard on, when his mother was in the hospital and he was asking about something, he had no money and he effervesced in a moment and suddenly while this is happening his mother died so he got shocked.This scene had a lot of details and emotions in a very short time.
  • “Haret El Yahood” had also hard and weird scenes, the very cold character, and his sister is getting arrested in front of his eyes and he is the main reason.
  • “Ebn Halal” the scene that was called “2atalt el sarookh leh”, it was a hard scene because I was acting with a doll and was the scene was very cruel.
  • These are what I call my master scenes.But what I thought they could get more affection than they did are “El Magic” and “El Markeb”.
  • “El Magic” I thought it would get a better affection but it didn’t get any. I think because of the story as we took it easier to make the same crew as we made one movie and we weren’t experienced enough.
  • As for “El Markeb” the circumstances were a bit hard at that time, I guess that’s why it didn’t get the affection.

And, as we asked him who is his role model the answer was … “DEFINETLY AMR DIAB IS THE
ONE”, this great master, who through all these years is still on the top with no other competitor could ever take his place, he knew from the very beginning how to steal his fan’s hearts, by the way he choose his works, with getting involved in every detail and managing his career with a very long-term point of view, it’s never about being available all the time but, when to have this precious appearance.

It’s not about fame, it’s all about choosing the perfect content, timing, and the most important managing it all!


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In my private life, my father is the most influential, effected in my personality and he’s the best model I can see in my life and there are a lot of people who has an effect in my life and I learned from them all.

فوق مستوى الشبهات

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I didn’t only learn or gain experience from celebrities but, I also learned from watching movies, it brings something positive to me as an actor.

“Mahmoud Abdel Aziz” from the big names out there that I learned a lot
from him in an indirect way, by watching his movies, he’s different and varied as well as “Khaled Saleh”.

As for the people I worked with, who affected my personality and my career were “Hussein Fahmy, Yousra, Mahmoud Hemeda”, they are all alphas that are difficult to reach, as for how cultured and experienced they are, they definitely deserve what they are because of how hard they worked on themselves and the great base they have.

“Menna Shalaby” is from the most people I appreciated working with and I really learned a lot out of the way she gets into the character deeply with the detailed details, how she focuses, and even how she disconnect from the character, she’s so keen for her work.

“Hussein el Kalla”, the Palestinian producer, who used to give me from his experience and also advising me from the first beginning by the way he sees everything with a detailed perspective, affecting me as an actor by getting something inside the way I think as getting involved into the character’s deep details, imagining and visualizing.

Finally, I thank god for what I’ve done in the past 10 years, I might be working on a lot of movies but I also refuse a lot of things, but the idea of working on my identity and the trust of my audience is a very big priority to me, it’s better than working on lot of movies, I have a lot of ambition and that is my target.