Before having kids we all were 100% sure that we’ll be that cool funky mom, whose a friend of her kids and peace in everything, but reality is not like that, it’s totally different here’s the reasons why.

1- Your inner omna l ghola will pop up.

Not because you’re sweet and cute with your friend’s or cousin’s kids you’ll be the same with your child no, no and no!! Hatz32i w tebra2i w tesh5oty you’ll be a traditional Egyptian mom and you’ll be the one “bt7def el shebsheb kman “, being a mom will give you superpowers and will transform your personality completely.

2- You won’t be that easy mizy lemon squeezy mother.

We all have the same thoughts when we’re not mothers yet, we will let our child do whatever they want in the time they want, without intervention they’re free like birds but the truth is you won’t be able to do this, you’ll give orders and you’ll be a mother with tough personality that says no a lot! yes, you’ll be.

3- They don’t have a yes in their dictionary.

If you imagine that raising kids is a piece of cake, let me tell you something it’s not, you won’t say an order and expect they’ll do it immediately or at least they’ll agree, no you’re wrong you’ll have a phase of convincing them with what you want and sometimes” 5ol2ek byb2a daya2” you’ll convince them with “shebsheb”!

4-You’ll be a caring mother, unfortunately.

You’ll call them more than 550 times to check on them if they hang out with their friends alone or something, you’ll give them a list of instructions before going out, you’ll order them to wear all their clothes while it’s getting cold, you’ll be a caring mother, yes, umm unfortunately.

5- Your kid won’t have vitamins from junk food.    

You won’t be a cool mom that allows your kids to eat junk food all the time and eat with them too! You’ll order them to eat vegetables and healthy food and have few sweets and junk food, don’t think a lot they can’t have vitamins from junk food and sweets!

6- Kitchen is a restricted area.

All the thoughts you had about messy fun cooking with your kid and splitting flour all the way, this will be only in your dreams as you will definitely electrify the kitchen’s entrance!