Who was not touched by La Totfe2 El Shams so deeply in a way that made each one of us relate to one character or another. So we have come to you with a heck of a summary to guide you all the way through it.

Firstly we have IQBAL!
This lady has shown us that the say “true love never ends”is so true. As in the series she gets married and has kids and when Abdel Salam returns after 40 years they pick up right where they left their love.

Hack 1: Even if it gets complicated don’t let go…

Secondly, Ahmed,                                                                                                           He kept on chasing his dreams until he has reached them, then in a blink of an eye and just when life decided to give him a chance, he turned his back to it and decided to blow his identity away.

Hack 2: If you have a dream chase it, you might reach…

Fefe the fortune cookie,                                                                                                 She has proven that she is the coconut of the series. We all thought that she is hard inside out then by the time we figured that this hardness is just a shield to protect her true sensitive personality.

Hack 3: You never know what other people are going through so be kind to on another…

The cherry on top Enjy,
After losing her true love she came to a realization that it wasn’t and with glims of an eye she had a rebound but yet that wasn’t enough.

Hack 4: Whether to end a relationship or keep it growing, but betrayal is a crisis…

The small dangerous mouse Ayah,
The one with daddy issues, when she didn’t find the kind of love she needed from a dad in her home she found it in her teacher. Then to fix this she got into a marriage that turned to be something very twisted.

Hack 5: Childish emotions can ruin your whole life.

The bomb Adam,
The one who started the cascade reaction, after influencing everyone to change and do what they want, he decided to disappear and fake his own death to have a different lifestyle that his family did not approve of. After that, he came to a realization that they were right.

Hack 6: Mother knows best…