Lala Land didn’t win the Oscars doesn’t mean that no records were broken, we got you the highlights for the first things to happen ever in Oscars.

1- Finally the Harry Potter series got its first Oscar.

The eight Harry potter movies were nominated many times over in technical categories but till yesterday they never won an oscar, but finally the ninth movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” won for Best Achievement in Costume Design.

2- La La Land  the first movie ever to have its Best Picture win announced in error.

The great shock was when The Oscars went to La La Land, and the producers were halfway through their acceptance speech… until they were interrupted by the stunning announcement that in fact, Moonlight had won.

3- Mahershala Ali is the first Muslim acting winner ever.

Ali converted to Islam 17 years ago. His Best Supporting Actor win for Moonlight makes him the first Muslim in history to win an acting Oscar.

4- Viola Davis is the first black person to receive an Oscar, Emmy and Tony for acting.

This is the first Oscar ever for Viola, as she is the first black person to receive it too, a groundbreaking trio of awards, making her the first black person to receive an Oscar, Emmy and Tony award all for acting.

5- Damien Chazelle the youngest Best Director winner in history.

Thirty-two-year-old Chazelle has previously nominated two years ago for his exhilarating jazz drama Whiplash, and he was one of the youngest nominees in history then. His win tonight for La La Land makes him officially the youngest winner in history.