Oreo the most delicious cookie worldwide, besides it can be eaten as it did you try to cook before in a different way the surprise is it has spacious uses in term of dessert that will leave you speechless.

1-Coat them with chocolateoreo-3

Just Melt some milk chocolate and pour it on the cookie and freeze it for an hour and enjoy.

2- Oreo pudding cake

Crush the cookies but remember to reserve ½ cup for topping, mix cookies and melted butter in a pan. Pack firmly for crust; chill for an hour then, mix cream cheese, 12 oz cool whip and powdered sugar until well blended. Spread over cookie layer; chill an hour, then make the pudding and be sure it has thickened before spreading over cream cheese layer; chill slightly. Spread rest of cool whip on top and sprinkle on reserved cookies. Chill for several hours.

3- Put them in your peanut butter sandwichoreo-6

Replace the jam or the honey with oreo cookies sandwich they’ll taste heavenly, don’t count calories in winter ma3rofaa !!

4- Go creativeoreo-2

There are so many creative things that can be done with Oreos look they’re in the perfect shape, you can draw a flower around it or rainbow come on channel your inner artist 😉

5-Oreo Hot chocolateoreo-4

Hot chocolate is winter’s best friend, you’ll need a hot chocolate cup and put 1 or 2 cookies in the cup, it will gradually break down and blend into the hot chocolate itself, and the taste will transform to mild and sweet!