Why do we search for any place to celebrate Christmas while we have the perfect one? Yup Home sweet home, you don’t know how much you can do. There’s A lot !! Just you have to go with the flow and follow your inner panda and stay at home, here are some fabulous ideas to do.

1- Hot chocolate with a home alone movie night.
The official Film for Christmas, Home Alone with its 2 parts you can watch both of them on Christmas night under your blanket with hot chocolate and maybe some Popcorn? Why not, it’s going to be amazing without any effort you don’t have to spend lots and lots of hours doing your hair and makeup, you’ll be comfort in your own skin, will you ask for more?

2-Sleep Over with a friend.

You can try it with your best friend and you can invite 2 or 3 of your friends and order food from your favorite restaurant or, you can  be adventurous try a new recipe together !! you’ll ruin the whole thing it’s ok, at the end of the day it’s between you and your best friend and that’s ok.

3-BBQ and throwing Saware5 from your window once it’s 12.

Your Balakona can be your best destination for this Christmas bring your grill and some chicken or Kofta and here you run a BBQ Night with your family and you can Invite your friends why not? and some Saware5 to throw out of your window and you can make a playlist and enjoy some music too !!

4-Pajama Party.


You don’t have to buy a lot of makeup and straighten your hair just bring your Pajama as simple as that !! Do a Pyjama Party with your friends at home, bring some cold drinks and you’re ready to party !! Play some music and do show them your dance moves.

5-Belly dancing night.


Girls… who don’t have  “ Badlet r2s “ ? or even “ Badlet Nancy Agram “ you can buy one and rock the dance floor with your friends at home with shik shake shook and mahrganat, you’ll have more fun than spending a boring night at a restaurant.