Tagamo3 has a variety of outings other than food outings, which will never leave you bored, here are some.

1- Air Zone

Get your craziness out in the largest trampoline in Egypt, you will never get out unsatisfied or stressed, as it can be a super enjoyable outing with your friends. Located in Point90 Mall.

2- Trapped 

Getting trapped in a room with your friends for 60 minutes trying to escape the room whether it’s out of fear or fun is a must try adventure.

3- MX4D Cinema

Point90 Cinemas got the newest evolution in the 4D cinema placing you in a totally immersive environment, that will make you live every detail in the movie.

4- Ikea

The place where you can find every single detail you need at your home with a great variety of home furnishings and essentials, be prepared to get lost shopping all the way, meanwhile, you will definitely refuse to go out. Located in Cairo Festival City.

5- BattleField

If you are a true gamer this is your place, experience the action combat video games live with the laser technology and strategically safe engineered fields.