We know that sometimes we love a style and we start to repeat it on every occasion but the sad truth is we can’t do the same style, again and again, there’s something called the trend we need to take a good care of, here are 5 styles you need to quit as soon as possible before 2017.

1-The painted Eyebrows.

Forget about painting your eyebrow each time before you go out because this year let it be more natural, it’s preferred to be more messy and thick too!! Say goodbye to the perfect contoured lines.


2-No more contouring. 

Very good news for those we didn’t master the art of contouring, the trend is over ( Thanks god ) !! this year the trend is the natural facial tones without any complex with natural skin colors, blusher is okay to use again.

3- Bye Bye matte shades. 

In 2017 the lipstick tends to be more glossy which will make your lips look more seductive and will give them more volume, we’ll replace all our matte lipstick.

4-No more retro Style in hair.

Say hello to the small curls that will give your hair a big volume, the trend of the retro curls will end up by this year.

5-The Bright colors are no longer here.

The trend of the bright colors ( The Fuschia and the submarine ) is dying slowly, this year we’re having calmer colors that seem more beautiful.