Ramadan is a month full of spirituality, food, and gatherings so we got you some picks to enjoy your gatherings from Iftar till Suhoor.

1- Layaly Ramadan

The delicious oriental food, combined with the oriental live tunes, and comfy enjoyable summer gatherings, located in Hilton Alexandria Corniche Hotel.

2- Al Khayma Al Kabera

Enjoy your night at The Forum with a delightful open buffet at Scala or an oriental Iftar at Sheesh Beesh along with your shisha and desserts till Suhour with oriental performances.


3- Arabian Nights

Enjoy a delicious open buffet Iftar and Suhour with the sea view while watching the sunset in Arabian Nights Tent, gatherings are no better without a shisha and oriental mood, located in Blue Harbor restaurant- Windsor Palace Hotel.


4- El Marbo3a

The Bedouin Iftar with a sea view along with Bedouin performances and atmosphere through the night, located in front of 26 July Hotel- Louran