The Internet is buzzing around a new controversial series where a young girl was school bullied and prepared 13 tapes before her death every tape with a reason made for some students from her school to hear and follow what she says and when they finish listening to the tapes they pass it to another named student which make them all getting confused and nervous.

1- It’s one of a kind, not just a high school drama but it is raising awareness among students.

This is a stage in growth when both external circumstances and developmental changes can have an enormous impact on emotions and mood. It also says what really students at that age must know how even the smallest word can affect other students, a simple photo can ruin their life if you want to stalk you must know the rules the most important one is not ruining other people’s lives.

2- Mystery all the way.

A new kind of mystery it’s not cop drama, neither a detective story, you’ll be waiting for the 13th episode on fire to know why Hannah Baker killed herself.

3- Smart flashbacking.

The way they handle the shot is too clever merging flashbacks with the current scenes to complete a story, it may sometimes be confusing but this is what makes it awesome.

4- Hannah is an untrustworthy narrator.

Yes, not everything she says is right not because she is narrating her story so that makes her reliable, take care and don’t believe everything. After all, when you’re in high school you simply don’t see the big picture, maybe the world was better than how she saw it.

5- Everybody has their own story.

Everyone in the series has his own tape, own story, maybe Hannah is right and maybe not but at last, she tells her story from her point of view which actually reveals that she was seeing the world in her own way..maybe she was not bullied or something, who knows?!

6- All ages are interested in it.

I guess it was not just made for teens as it is much deeper than an after school series or some teens party life, everyone is interested and actually, the 13 tapes are the reason why.

7- It stars people you like from stuff you like!

When you see the actress that plays Hannah’s mom (Kate Walsh), you’ll think “Hey! Isn’t that Dr. Addison Montgomery from Grey’s Anatomy?” And you’ll feel nostalgic for her! Plus, Lauren Graham connections: one of the teachers is played by Keiko Agena (Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls) and another character Alex (Miles Heizer) played her Parenthood son Drew Holt.

8- It’s full of ’90s nostalgia.

Actually, you might think that this series was filmed in the 90s as you will find walkmans and cassette tapes, also teens are not using social media they are ok with just texting.

9- You can find the cast in every school.

You can find every single student in the series in your life, the party animal, the nice boy, the nerd, …etc. It is not a high school series it’s a series for high schoolers.

10- How small actions can have large and far-reaching consequences.

One small, thoughtless action can have unimaginable consequences because none of us can know what another person is experiencing. “13 Reasons Why” is a reminder of why we should be careful to be kind.

11- Expect the unexpected. 

Every episode keeps you on edge the whole time, surprising you every once in a while with an unexpected plot twist.

12- It never gives you too much or too little information.

It just gives you what you need to guess why did Hannah Baker commit a suicide.

13- Selena Gomez was the first cast as Hannah Baker in 2011.

Before the role was given to  Katherine Langford. The reasoning behind the switch for Gomez, now a producer, was because she didn’t want her recognizable face to take away from the importance of the story.