It’s the darkest period of all, FINALS, you’re most likely stuck in your head with a book thinking this will never end !! We’re all dreaming about finishing our last exam and go out to celebrate with our friends this lovable season, where the stress is over, check out those awesome ideas to do on your vacation.

1-Sleep A Lot

We know you’ve had enough from these sleepless nights, so SLEEP! You can now sleep as much as you want when you want to! Sleep is now your friend, not your enemy, stay under your warm blanket it’s cold outside.

2-Throw a House Party
 Gather your friends, play some music, order some food and here you run a real party, you can show them your dance moves and get the house on fire!!

3-Travel and Explore New Cities

There’s much more to see out there !! Pack your bags and be ready to discover our finest Egyptian destinations, you can go to Dahab, Sharm EL Sheikh, Hurghada or Saint Catherine where you can refresh your mood and visit new places.

4-Learn a New Skill

Seize the chance of having this free time and learn a new skill, open Coursera or EDX and search for something you want to know about, who knows it might be your passion for life, why not? Gain some knowledge you won’t regret it.

5-Taba2 Till You Watch The Sunrise

You don’t have any commitments! You can stay awake till you watch the amazing scene of all the sunset, you can listen to some music in your headphones while you’re drinking hot chocolate.

6-Venture into Volunteering

Volunteering is such fun, rewarding thing to do, you’ll build your skills ( Self-confidence, socializing ..), meet new people, make new friends and also discover a new side of your life you didn’t see it before.

7-Go For a SPA Day


It’s been a long stressful struggle with finals you need to reset the batteries and relax, there’s no better way than heading to the Spa for few hours to pamper yourself.

8-Have Your Personal Space

Turn off your smartphone, step away from your laptop and it’s time to give your bedroom a shake up renew some notes do some new decoration make your bedroom a place where you want to get out, and it’s time to make some future plans and some to-do’s before 25 or 30’s.

9- Do Something New in Your Style

Get some new haircut or change your hair color your whole outfit, buy new clothes with new colors, do a piercing do something new! It will make you feel positive.

10-Try to Cook Some New Recipes

Google some new recipes like Mexican or sweet and sour chicken and try it at home but beware you might have a bad trail prepare a plan B where you can order from any fast restaurant around.

11- Play Video Games Until You Fall Asleep

You have literally nothing to do so why don’t you play your favorite video game or download a new video game and play it until you fall asleep, come on take some revenge from the bad exams day when you fall asleep on your books!

12- Eshar le sob7 in the streets.

If you’re a girl with strict parents you probably won’t be able to do this, but it’s freaking amazing, to watch the empty streets and seeing the sunset and good luck with your parents.