Alexandria is a small city so anything happens has its effect on all. Here are some Stuff which Alexandrians only will relate to.

1- We are all osra ma3 ba3dina


As an Alexandrian you must have very complicated social relations, where all the people know each other. If you met someone new definitely you’ll find him knowing one of your friends, and he maybe your cousin belsodfa!!

2- The winter is different

Rain transforms Alexandria into a masterpiece and we all have the same suggestions every shetwaya “ netamasha 3ala l ba7r “, smelling the yod and watching the sea despite the cold weather it can be the most amazing experience ever, if you want to enjoy it to the max try ice cream  “ 3aza “  or 7alabesa. While you’re walking by the sea you can watch a lot of couples with “ atradah le o5tek “ written on the rocks.

3- El Montaza & Aida in summer 


Who doesn’t know “ YAA 3ALII “ in Montaza while paying the ticket on the door despite every time I see a different one, but he’s always called” 3ALII “. You must have been to AYDA at least once with your friends in summer enjoying the fact that you can be in your home in less than one hour.

4-Studying at Bibliotheca Alexandrina


You can’t find a quite and cheap place to study as Bibliotheca Alexandrina, you can study there from 9 to 7 Pm with paying 2 Pounds only !! Yes, it’s real and you can find whatever you need out of the books!! But the sad truth is you can’t eat or drink coffee there.
You can have your coffee at Diwan or Cilantro and study with your friends and you still at the same place tatata !!

5- Alexandria’s Kornich

While you’re bored from all restaurant and you’re in a bad mood taking a cruise “ 3ala l ba7r “ would be terrific. Why don’t you also go to “sheikh wafi2″ ?!! or you can just walk and eat dora or termes, watching the sunset if you have your partner with you can be the most romantic outing ever.


6- A7eh is not “3eb”

Watch out Cairo residents cause a7eh in our dictionary means “ ya lahwy” or “yaah”, it’s the same meaning exactly and there’s nothing wrong with it, don’t be surprised dear.

7- Our past verbs is better than yours

We say “ la3bna” not “le3bna” and “sharbna” not “sherebna”  and sometimes we say both dear so don’t be funny and try to make fun of us because it’s in our DNA, so don’t mess with us. What’s wrong with “ fat7a” or “ kasra” you understand the verb and that’s it! And it’s “sa23an” not bardan”

8-We don’t have that accent

We don’t talk in plural and say “ nero7o” w “nego”, the sea is called “EL Ba7r” not “el male7”, we don’t swear by “El Morsi Abo El 3abas” and finally we don’t say “ ayooooh “ in this way it’s said “ ayoh” and that’s it, we’re not responsible for what “Zezenya” and “ 3afaret El Sayala” series say.

9- Our public transportation is different

we have the red bus and the tram “ bdoren” that we won’t see it anywhere else and hold on we have a Tram with “ cafes “ too! i bet you have this one in your town!

10-The summer season *rolling eyes*

All Alexandrians hate “Summer“ and because of only one reason, not the weather, of course, the “mesayfen” which stacks our peaceful town with their “ mayo bafta “ or sometimes they don’t wear swimming suits at all and decides to walk like a boss in our streets with their underwears.