I AM NOT A TEACHER! But if you either you’re a parent, a student or a friend, there are 10 things to get rid of while you’re speaking to a teacher.

1- You should make your lessons more fun.

Seriously, put yourself in my shoes will you be able to explain and reexplain giving homework’s, marking the old homework and doing activities? I don’t have superpowers !!

2- I Pay for your salary so technically I’m your boss.

And I pay taxes by the way for supporting all the governmental projects! (Thug Life )

3- I wish you cared about my kids as much as you care about your salary.

I love my Students, your kids and I love to feed myself and my family too fair enough?

4- A good teacher won’t Complain about having too many students.

Yeah but too many students can be a complaint about your kid too!

5- You give too much homework. Just because you have nothing to do after school.

I don’t have the whole time in the world to do all the homework in class too, I have limited time in class!! See?

6- My son isn’t doing well in your class, what are you doing wrong?”

What about his IQ or why the other students are doing well?

7-“Teaching sounds easy. You only have to work 10 months out of the year.”

Why don’t you come and give it a try?

8- Are you doing anything important in your class this week?

What if I told you that my class is important for your child’s grades?

9-  “Maybe you should get another job during the summer and work 12 months of the year like normal adults.”

HAHAHAHA Thank you for your advice but the 10 months are more than enough for me.

10- Teaching is nice but doesn’t you want to be more successful and make more money?

Actually, I’m in love with my career it’s not only about money.