Oriental places, the most likely places for you take sohour and touch Ramadan’s spirit.

Food in Ramadan is the most popular topic everyone talks about “what we will eat today and where?” We did some digging for you to get you the best places to have your oriental sohour.


Classy Egyptian food! Zooba serves oriental Egyptian food but with a modern touch. Especially when it comes to fool and taameya it tastes totally different and you can also find different sizes for your preferred sandwich that suits your tummy’s size, they know how to mix classiness with street food.

Location: Wherever you are you will find ZOOBA!


Tabali is where you can taste Elegance and orientalism in a plate.

Location: Tagamoa (106 town center), Heliopolis (18 Nazhih Khalifa St. Korba)


Shabrawy means the taste of Egyptian food, what ever you crave you will find it there waiting for you.

Location: Shabrawy is everywhere!


Semsema the best Egyptian shawarma in town, actually they are experts in shwarma and you might not find a place to even order at your car out of the usual crowd there.

Location: El Dokki (Giza)

5-Desoky & Soda

The magic of tasting the food differently, you will definitely get confused whether to eat a pizza or cheesy pasta, we highly recommend the whole menu!

Location: 14 road (Maadi)


The most important thing in s7oor that you feel full and satisfied and this what you will find in kazouza.

Location: street 9 (Maadi)


If you want to satisfy your cravings I bet you will not find a better place than cumin, in addition to the taste of food, is hilarious!

The menu is full of orientals, from Kebda, Sujuk till Koshary, and the Turkish Sujuk there is a heaven on earth.

Location: Rivulet Mall, Sheikh Zayed

8-Brew and Chew

Brew and Chew is not only about deserts, the sohour menu will let you feel full and yes, you will get confused what to order and in the end, you will find the whole menu on your table.

Location: Court Yard -Maadi and Point90 Mall

9-Cheese house

If you want to know the meaning of cheesy stuff you have to go there. Everything is covered with different kinds of cheese, it’s simply cheese heaven on earth.

Location: 30-32 el shaikh Ali Abd El-Razik

10- Welad El Balad

This place has a multitasking options that they serve oriental and Syrian food with the same quality, whether you are a fan of Syrian food or Egyptian food you will definitely be satisfied.

Location: 102 Masr El Gededa (Marghany Street)