We all know it isn’t easy at all dealing with your man, you stuck sometimes and you don’t really know what’s going in their minds, come on we are two different creature with different minds what do you expect? so here are 10 rules to deal with your spouse without any conflicts.

1-Foodies are their goddess

Here is one things to keep in your mind “ the favorite thing on earth for men is foodies and the only competitor is sleeping so be careful while dealing with that point the first thing don’t talk with him after dinner “ he’s on airplane mood right now, just get away, the second rule for foodies don’t ask him what’s or the portion he’s gonna eat for today’s dinner because ofcourse, he doesn’t know, he’ll eat whatever you cook and he’s gonna “ yefarfet “ while he’s eating don’t be silly and make a single comment about that and finally “ matgw3whosh a7snlk “.

2- The personal space, please

Don’t you miss with their personal space and their inner world, like you need “ ward ya Ibrahim “ he needs space “ ya Shokreya” if you saw him in his own space and you want to talk about any subject you have to do your precaution dear bring him his favorite food or drink or whatever and then you can ask him whatever you want unless he doesn’t hear literally.

3- They don’t get the ultraviolets messages

Forget about your way to deal with your best friend by eye contact and ultraviolet messages men don’t get it and won’t don’t try to change that either you tell him your problem honestly or forget about your problem forever.

4-They don’t make long term plans


They don’t know what’s they gonna make the next 30 minutes so don’t risk and ask him what’s he’ll gonna eat or what’s he’ll gonna do today, they don’t have the long-term word in their dictionary.

5- They don’t love chitty chat


They either talk to the delivery guy to bring them food or talk to their friends to set an appointment for something, don’t expect more than this their chats are strict to the point and without any details if you want to tell him something please be “ mongeza “ and skip small details.

 6- Don’t try to talk early in the morning


They can’t wake up at 9 and begin their day at 9:01 it’s impossible to talk with him the first 30 minutes at least, avoid talking and chatting in the first hour of the day just SSHHSHH and let him discover the world in silence.

7-Respect their flu.

When he has flu, it’s not the same effect as our flu, they have a different perception for that, don’t try to have an argument within about why he didn’t throw the garbage or about anything and please don’t suggest to hang out to stay in the sun a little bit and that’s good for his health FLU IS FLU.


8-He’s your new baby


Men really have the heart and sometimes the mind of a baby so treat him this way but don’t treat him like a “retarded “ just “ 5odi 3ala 2ad 3a2lo “ for example if he called you to complain about the traffic jam or whatever don’t say it’s normal or “ma3lesh “ no, no and no say let’s immigrate from this country we don’t deserve this why is that happening to us?

 9- Their Friday morning is sacred.


 Don’t make plan our Thursday night or Friday morning your plan about shopping, breakfast and have a walk just cancel it’s a sacred time for him to take some rest just wait till “ b3d l sala “ you can’t talk dear, pick your timings.

10- Maintain their system, please


Don’t change the order of anything if they pit their wallet and mobile every day in the same place and you’re annoyed about that just maintain them or take his permission first to move them to another place and please tell him the place and keep on reminding him.