The TV series season is almost here, Ramadan will be much more fun this year, as there are some series booked their places from now on your schedule, here is a sneak peek for what we see will get your expectations higher for the next season.

1- Afaret Adly Allam

This series featuring the superstar Adel Emam and the beautiful Ghada Adel in a social yet comedy drama, directed by the talented Ramy Emam.

This talented family got used to getting our expectations high, that’s why we can’t wait to see their latest creations.

2- Al Hosan Al Aswad

Whenever we hear Ahmed El Saka‘s name we automatically think of action and suspense, so yes this year he will also be featuring a social drama suspense series with these beauties Yasmine Sabry, Shery Adel, Dana Hemdan, we also can’t forget to mention the most attendant yet everybody’s favorite actor Bayoumi Foad.

3- Ard Gaw

Whatever your taste is you could never imagine not watching Ghada AbdelRazek on TV!

This year she is also featuring a social drama suspense series with Feryal Youssef and guess what! we will finally watch Mohamed Karim on screen as an actor -actually doing something-

4- Taqet Nour

A great comeback for the star Hany Salama in a suspense series after his last series Al Daeya, but you will also watch Heidy Karam and Mays Hemdan, featuring this one with him, so get your anticipations high.

5- Kafr Delhab

It’s Youssef El Sherif! that’s why for sure it’s suspense so hold on this time to be thrilled too, and this is the surprise we will not just think a lot of the sequences of the series but yet we will get thrilled for a month.

6- B Khat Eedy

Amr youssef got our expectations high from last year’s series and for sure he will not let us down. B Khat Eedy will be featuring Dina El Sherbiny, Reem Moustafa, and the mother all young ladies wish to have Dalal Abdel Aziz.

7- Taht Amr El Seyada

Yosra the Diva! partnering with Al Adl group, what could we say more than that!

Taht Amr El Seyada featuring Eman El-Assi, Mourad Makram and Karim Fahmy in a drama that will get all the family wait for it.

8- Li A3la Se3r

Would you believe if we told you Nelly Karim is featuring a comedy series… it’s unbelievable! but a romantic drama maybe somehow reliable as we watched her acting this role before.

9- Halawet El Donia

Dh’afer EL Abden, Ahmed Hatem, Hany Adel, Mostafa Fahmy and Hend Sabry, guess what?! We are sure this will be the most watched series on tv this year for girls!

10- La Totfy2 El Shams

The super Mervat Amin is back again, with Mohamed Mamdouh and Amina Khalil, written by the great scriptwriter Tamer Habib, do we need to mention anything else?!